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First morning
There was no doubt about it. He had slept more peacefully that night than he had ever done in his entire life.
Dusk, had already awoken, but he refused to open his eyes, instead opting to enjoy this moment of comfort. He could lie in this bed all day if he had a choice, but the day itself seemed to have other plans. For not long after, a bird outside the window began to sing its morning song. Although somewhat irritated by this disturbance, Dusk nonetheless opened his eyes.
The sight which greeted his was a pleasant one. He had awoken in a magnificent bedroom, in a cottage way outside of the Ponyville area. The room was well furnished and the window opened to a spectacular view of the rising sun, whose light now filled the room with it's glow. He could not deny that this was quite a sight to wake to. He'd have to thank Celestia when he saw her next. Thank her for this wonderful honeymoon gift.
And speaking of which, that reminded him of another pleasant sight which greeted him as he tu
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Rarity is pregnant by SteGhost Rarity is pregnant :iconsteghost:SteGhost 305 165
Afraid to Fly
Afraid to Fly
The blue blur soared effortlessly through the air. The wind in her face and the world moving at a light's pace, this was what she lived for. Rainbow Dash was having a little fun before she practiced her latest move. The Flier's Ball was coming up and the Wonderbolts would be the stars of it like they were every year, but this year would be different, this year Rainbow Dash would show them her sweet new moves and they would be forced to make her and honorary Wonderbolt. She flew through a flock of birds nearly giving them all heart attacks. She would never hit them though, she was aware of her surroundings...she was precise...she was the best. Then she flew at and angle towards the ground and when she was inches from it used the momentum to throw herself through the air. Okay. Enough playtime. she thought as she flew towards a trio of clouds. She spun around one of the clouds causing it to turn faster and faster with each rotation. When all three clouds were spinning in pe
:iconblindmenz:Blindmenz 8 5
scootaloo's true fear by Lamiaaaa scootaloo's true fear :iconlamiaaaa:Lamiaaaa 617 208 Twists and Turns - Part 2 by FallenInTheDark Twists and Turns - Part 2 :iconfalleninthedark:FallenInTheDark 455 83
Take the Long Way Home
"Take the Long Way Home"
by Donny's Boy
Synopsis: Applejack reached up with a fore hoof to touch the brim of her hat. It was habitual, almost unconscious. She could feel, nestled safely underneath the hat, her two most precious treasures--a single blue feather and a small snippet of purple mane.
They were precious, more precious than anything besides her family and her farm, because they were only pieces of them she'd ever have.
"Lonely days turn to lonely nights.
You take a trip to the city lights
And take the long way home,
Take the long way home "
--Supertramp, "Take the Long Way Home"

Movement I
Applejack smelled wrong.
Applejack was supposed to smell like cinnamon and apples, like straw and like hemp. She was supposed to smell like the wind in autumn, and she was supposed to smell like hard work and hard play.
She was supposed to smell like Applejack.
But Applejack didn't smell like Applejack. As the farm pony brushed past Rainbow Da
:icondonnys-boy:donnys-boy 4 5
Chapter 8
It had been about 3 days sense the bad news at the doctor's office, but Dash and Vinyl were both acting as normal as possible.  They had decided to take a walk through Ponyville.  It was a bright day with few swirly clouds, dotted throughout the sky.
"It's really nice out!  I'm glad we're going for a walk" Dash said smiling over at Vinyl.  It had been the first time she had left the apartment ever sense she was told the news.
"Me too!  This is real nice Dash!"  She bumped her flank against Dash's flank, playfully.
"Hey!  Oh look over there, I think that's Fluttershy!" Dash pointed with her hoof at a pale yellow filly over by a pond, feeding some ducks.
"Who now?"  Vinyl had never met Fluttershy, she never came into the club that she worked in.
"A friend of mine, she's real quite, but I think you might like her!"  Dash took her by the hoof and dragged her along over to where Fluttershy was.
"Hey Fluttershy!
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Derpy Date Part 1 by ShwiggityShwah Derpy Date Part 1 :iconshwiggityshwah:ShwiggityShwah 1,301 240 Kindergarten days 22 by CIRILIKO Kindergarten days 22 :iconciriliko:CIRILIKO 443 115 Kinky Rarity by Stinkehund Kinky Rarity :iconstinkehund:Stinkehund 95 27
An Unstable Matter Chap:1
An anthro-pony series
Early in the morning, high above the heads of Ponyville's still-resting citizens, a lone streak of varying colors marked the sky.
Rainbow Dash made her way to the eastern-most meadow a short ways outside of Ponyville, ready to fulfill her section of the Weather Control Agency's responsibility in moving clouds for the benefit of Ponyville and the agricultural community. Normally she'd be against waking up so early, she still did not relish in cutting her sleep short, but having officially been marked off as the agency's head supervisor in just her second year had been reason enough for her to start every morning with an added boost of vigor. It meant she'd impressed the big shots in the agency and had gained an even more noticeable reputation as the fastest pegasus there was. She felt certain she could already have been named manager of her department if they didn't have to follow an unbiased set of rules. Guess saving Equestria on a monthly basis wasn't enou
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